Electric Heating Elements Suppliers

Chhaperia has been one of the leading Electric Heating Elements Suppliers in India. Offering a wide collection of electric heating elements for domestic and industrial applications. All of our heating elements are capable of providing eminent performance in diverse temperature ranges and atmospheres. Since 1994, we manufacture heating elements as per client requirement for specific industrial applications.

About Electric Heating Element:

Materials which is used for manufacturing electric heating elements such as Ni-chrome, Platinum, Kanthal, Cupronickel. Many heating elements such as electric oven, electric furnace, electric heaters etc uses the electrical energy to produce the heat. The working principle of heating element is based on the heating effect of electric current. It produces the heat, when current is passed through a resistance. Electric Heating Elements Suppliers in India, providing diverse collection of electric furnaces and other electric heating element.

Classification of Electrical Heating Elements:

  • Nomex heaters for baby food warmer
  • Mica heaters for wall mounted tube heaters
  • Radiant heaters for defrosting
  • Polyester heaters for food warming
  • IR quartz heaters
  • Tubular heaters

Areas Covered By Electric Heating Elements: Bangalore and India

Business Type of Electric Heating Elements: Manufacturers and Suppliers