To be a Flexible Heating Elements Manufacturers, Chhaperia are capable of manufacturing and supplying of various types of industrial heaters. To be a professional manufacturer of electric heating elements parts in the world. We strive to improve management system and quality control process through new innovation. Chhaperia manufactures and supplies highly engineered flexible heating elements for the industries. These flexible heaters & heating elements are found in world's most innovative and award-winning devices.

About Flexible Heating Elements:

We provide vast range of heating element solutions and that are designed to meet any challenge your engineering team facing problem with product design and its specifications. As per the client requirement and needs, our engineering team will work directly with you to develop customized solutions.

Flexible heating elements are also called as Silicone Heaters, thin film heaters, etched foil heaters were developed in order to solve specific problems in industrial market such as aviation, chemical, space and food fields. These applications require coverage over uneven surfaces where is would be impossible to use other types of heating elements. The flexible heaters have a operating temperatures up to 180C and that can be made with maximum watt density of 0.8w/cm2. Visit our website and get more details of leading Flexible Heating Elements Manufacturers.

Areas Covered by Flexible Heating Elements: Bangalore and India

Business Type of Flexible Heating Elements: Manufacturers and Suppliers