Heating elements for hand dryer

Heating elements for hand dryer

The heating elements for hand dryer by Chhaperia are mostly Nickel or Nichrome. The heat of a hand dryer will not exceed more than the threshold temperature. An optical sensor and heating elements are placed inside the dryer to let the airflow so that hands get dried quickly. A hand dryer is a widely used system installed in most of the public places. But the mechanism or working of it is questionable to most of the individuals.

How does it work?

  •  Similar to automated doors, the hand dryer uses the same technology. The optical sensors in the dryers bounce back the light from the skin to the receiver.
  •  Once they’re triggered, a heating element heats the air and evaporates water on hands. The heating element used, Nichrome has a melting point of as high as 1400-degree Celsius.
  •  A few hand dryers eliminate the water with cooling technology. And, hand dryers are eco-friendly and are easy-to-install.

The heating elements for hand dryers have high resistance, and we manufacture mica heaters suitable to hand dryers.

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