Polyster Foil Heating Elements

Chhaperia Electro Components Pvt Ltd is committed to manufacture the best quality Polyester Foil Heating Element's and supply to various clients with best service. We are specialized in manufacturing, designing and supplying many kinds of heating elements. Polyester Foil Heating Elements provide the excellent efficiency & heat distribution of the product. Our engineers precisely determine the right specific power and optimum disposal for the heating elements.

Polyester Foil Heating Element!!

Our foil heating elements on a polyester backing provide intense heat in a small space and also provide the large number of surfaces. These polyester insulating sheets are 0.075-0.250 mm thick and always provide excellent efficiency and heat distribution. We use PVC coated material to increase their resistance to knocks and humidity.

An economical alternative for low-temperature and large scale applications. Chhaperia Polyester Heating Element are made by using etched foil heating element. Nichrome wire is wounded and heat is fixed between two layers of thin polyester film. With its low mass, excellent electrical insulating properties and great resistance to most chemicals helps to allow fast and more efficient thermal transfer conductivity. Call us +91-80-41171552 to know more about Polyester Foil Heating Element's.

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