Polyester foil heating element

Polyester foil heating element

Striving in the industry for more than two decades, we continue to remain as the polyester foil heating element. The continuous flow of elements and units from us have satisfied the consumers all around the globe. Our value services reach every nook of India. The endorsements from our clients boosted our spirits to be a leader in the industry. Explore the Chhaperia heating element and heaters those are designed with high-quality standards. The only aspect that separates Chhaperia and the rest of the industries is quality.


  •  Radiant heaters supply heat directly to the floor or walls or the ceiling of a house. The direct heat to the object to keep warm during cold climate is the bold reason behind its innovation.
  •  Through infrared radiation, the heat transfer takes place and is distributed evenly across the room.
  •  Radiant heating elements inside the heaters have high resistance thereby warming the atmosphere around.

Chhaperia, known as the supplier and manufacturer of a polyester foil heating element, involving the experienced team to optimize the heaters and heating elements.

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