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Electrical heating elements are produced out of micanite, natural mica, quartz IR tube, nomex pape, polyester film and ferrous / non ferrous tubes. The heating elements shown and described here are the standard ones. Specific customer tailored elements can be developed by us. Our products are in correspondence to EU directory norm-ROHS compliance.

Our product range include :


Nomex heater for baby food warmer

Product Code : QP18Y06

Power : 230V   100W / 110W

Description : Heating wire wound around nomex insulating support with top and bottom nomex covering layer for electrical and thermal insulation .
Thermal fuse is provided for protection from over heating..


Mica heater for Easy Bake Oven

Product Code : QP43Y16

Power : 120V   75W

Description :
Resistence coil with Fibreglass cord is wound around Mica Insulating support having protective mica cover both side for thermal& Electrical insulation.
NEC make Thermal fuse is used for protection from overheating. Steel bracket used as Heating element holder& Heat reflection.


Electrical Heating Elements  
Tubular Heater For Coffee Maker

Product Code : QPY10

Power : 230V   2000W     

Description :
Spiral heating wire is inserted inside a SS tube with fused magnesia powder filled around wire coil for electrical insulation. Passivation is carried out to prevent tube from rusting during fuctioning in the water. Thermal fuse is provided from overheating protection.


Heating Elements  
IR Quartz Heaters

Product Code : QP35Y11

Power : 240V   450W

Description :
Spiral heating wire upon oxidising is inserted inside quartz tube which acts as a support and external insulation with end cap made of ceramics.


Electrical Heating Elements  
Radiant heater for defrostings

Product Code : QP26Y08

Power : 230V  120W      

Description :
Spiral heating wire in a tight coil placed inside a quartz tube which act as a support and external insulation with end cap made of silicon rubber.
The nominal temperature on the surface of heater is ≥ 250oC whereas peak temperature on surface of glass tube centre is 600oC.


Mica Heater for wall mounted tube heaters

Product Code : QP20-25Y08

Power :
230V      60  ~  360W    

Description :
Heating wire is wound around mica insulating support having mica spacer in between for inside tube guard. Nickel plated terminal with M4 tapping is provided for lead terminal connection.
This heater can be produced in 1 ft/ 2ft/ 3ft/ 4ft/ 5ft & 6 ft length, depending upon user’s requirements can be produced upon receiving firm enquiry.

Polyester heater for food warming

Product Code : QP31Y10

Power :
230V  50W
230V  70W

Description :
Nichrome wire is wounded and heat sealed between two layer of thin polyster film. With its low mass, superb electrical insulating properties and excellent resistence to most chemicals, it allows fast and efficient thermal transfer. Thermal cut-off is provided from overheating protection.
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