Heating Elements

Chhaperia Electro is one of the leading electrical heating element manufacturer and supplier in India, offering wide range of electrical heating element products for domestic appliances and industrial applications under the category of mica heating elements, IR Quartz Heater, Radiant Heater, Foil Heaters, Polyester Heater, Nomex Heater and Tubular Heater

Our product range include Mica heating elements for Toasters, Hair dryers, Hand dryers, Snack makers, Room heaters, Warming appliances, Baby food warmer, Refrigerators, Coffee makers, and Wall Mounted Tubular Heaters.

Knowledge of and compliance with the directives and processes is the foundation of our quality through which we are continuously working on long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  Mica Heater for Toasters
  Mica heater for Hair dryers
  Mica Heater for hand dryers
  Mica Heater for Snack makers
  Mica Heater for food Warmers
  Mica Heater for Wall mounted tube heaters
  Radiant heater for Defrostings
  IR Quartz heaters
  Polyester heater for food warming
  Nomex heater for food warmers
  Tubular heaters