Mica Heating Elements

Chhaperia, a prominent mica heating elements manufacturer, stands out for its inventive approaches and responsible practices. Our commitment to forward-looking production techniques underscores our values and disciplines. Mica, chosen for its consistent thermal conductivity, serves as the ideal solution for enterprises in need of intense heat. Our mica heating components exhibit unparalleled precision and responsiveness, ensuring swift heat generation and dissipation.

The mica heating components from Chhaperia symbolize precision and durability. Thanks to our energy storage systems and effective directional current overflow management. Additionally important are safety and effectiveness, with thermostats assuring user safety and DC motors and fans boosting effectiveness. One distinctive feature of our products is its insulating support, which exemplifies our encompassing strategy for developing efficient and secure solutions. Our dedication to excellence encompasses all aspects of its goods, not just technology. Chhaperia is a leader in the field, integrating innovation, performance, and sustainability into its very being as a defender of both the advancement of technology and the health of the environment. We provide a vibrant picture of a future where intelligence and responsibility go hand in hand with each precisely crafted element.

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that has excelled as a thermal and electrical insulator, making it a popular material in heating technology. Chhaperia, a leader in mica heater manufacturing, is dedicated to maximizing the potential of mica by carefully designing a structure that incorporates a resistive wire between layers of mica sheets. Since mica is an excellent insulator, heat is transferred precisely, and unintentional dispersion is avoided. We expertly craft heating elements, providing a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy the particular requirements of various applications. Chhaperia sets the bar high by blending performance and creativity to create extraordinary mica heating elements that warm your homes and your hearts in a world where innovation changes our daily lives.

Technical specification

Description- Resistance Wire wound around Mica Insulating Support with Side Brackets made from Stainless Steel.
Power : 230V ~ 700W
Application : Used in industrial and commercial applications
Regulation : ROHS2 and REACH compliant

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High Temperature resistance

Energy Efficiency

Customizable Shapes and Sizes

Resistance to Moisture and Chemicals environments.

Good electrical insulator

Mechanical Strength

Compact Design

Household Appliances

Industrial Machinery

Medical Devices

Food and plastic Industry

Plastic Processing

Textile Machinery


Printing Industry

Aerospace and Defense