Industrial Air Heaters at Best Price in India


Chhaperia Electro is a very reputed organization which offers air heater with high quality and usually makes it the most efficient, affordable, as well as reliable option. We also use & incorporate the latest technology in our product, which has helped us rise among the leading heating element manufacturer as we have a wealth of experience with heaters , as well as we can help you to find and install the best heating solution for your home.

Reimagining Warmth with Our Air Heaters

In the realm of industrial and commercial heating, Chhaperia's air heaters stand as a testament to excellence. These heating solutions redefine warmth, seamlessly blending comfort with energy efficiency. With a dedication to innovation, safety, and sustainability, Chhaperia has crafted air heaters that cater to diverse needs, providing consistent and reliable performance across various applications. These heaters are a beacon of energy efficiency, ensuring optimal heat distribution while minimizing energy consumption. They exemplify precision engineering, guaranteeing uniform temperature control and maintaining desired climates without unnecessary energy wastag

Advanced Safety Features for Optimal Performance

From expansive commercial buildings to housing areas, warehouses, and factories, Chhaperia's air heater elements effortlessly adapt to various environments. Their versatility lies in their seamless integration, ensuring efficient warmth across different settings. These heaters offer a uniform temperature, enhancing comfort and providing a reliable solution for diverse industrial needs. Advanced safety features, including measures to prevent overheating, ensure secure operation, and user confidence. Our Spiral Heater Coil, crafted around a mica Insulating Support, optimizes heat distribution and durability, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications. The Thermostat monitors and regulates temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal operation. A Thermal Fuse complements the Thermostat, acting as a fail-safe mechanism in case of excessive temperatures. The inclusion of PTFE Lead Wire ensures seamless connectivity and streamlines installation.

Technical specification

Description- Spiral Heater Coil is wound around Mica Insulating Support with a Thermostat from Overheating Protection. A Thermal Fuse is also provided for an additional safety from Overheating. PTFE Lead Wire is taken out for Connection.
Power : 115V/230V ~ 1650W
Application : Used in industrial and commercial applications
Regulation : ROHS2 and REACH compliant

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Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability in Heating Solutions

Chhaperia is a leader in heating solutions , offering unparalleled comfort and efficiency. They are not just heaters, but a testament to innovation. They use new materials, designs, and smart technologies to improve performance and user experience. They provide differnt varieties of products ranging from Mica Heater for Coffee Roaster to excellent Flexible Heaters. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that their heaters remain at the forefront of heating solutions, ready to meet the evolving demands of modern industries. They focus on energy efficiency, adaptability, safety, and sustainable practices, setting a new standard for heating solutions. By choosing Chhaperia's air heaters, businesses invest in innovation, reliability, and a commitment to a brighter, greener future.

HVAC systems

Industrial drying

Space heating

Automotive cabin heating

Ovens and furnaces

Agricultural industries

Painting industries

Quick warming of air


Versatile applications

Temperature control

Compact and easy installation