Hand Dryer

Product Code : QP49Y22

Power : 230V ~ 90W

Description : Chhaperia's electric casserole heater is built with a Nichrome wire wound around an inner Mica, accompanied by top and bottom cover Mica layers that provide Insulation. The inclusion of an LED with housing, connected through lead connections, ensures convenient usage. Additionally, a Thermostat is incorporated to prevent overheating, guaranteeing safe and efficient heating for your casseroles.

Hand Dryer

Product Code : QP00Y21

Power : 230V 90W

Description : Heating wire is wound around inner mica having cover Mica on Top & Bottom which act as an insulation. A round E-Casserole with two pieces of Heater for Base & Round heating. LED with Housing is connected with Lead connection. One Thermostat for each heater is provided for overheating protection.