Hand Dryer

Product Code : QP17Y05

Power : 230V ~ 1450W

Description : Chhaperia's hand dryer heating element is designed with a spiral heater coil wrapped around a reliable Mica insulating support, ensuring efficient heat generation. To prevent overheating, a thermostat is included for enhanced safety measures.

Hand Dryer

Product Code : QP33Y10

Power : 12OW/240V, 200W ~ 600W

Description : A Spiral heating wire is wound around two mica insulating plate with thermostat and thermal fuse provided for double protection from overheating.

Hand Dryer

Product Code : QPY05B

Power : 230V ~ 1100W

Description : A Spiral Heater Coil is wound around Mica Insulating Support with Two Layers of Mica, Top and Bottom provided for Thermal Insulation, Thermostat and Thermal Fuse provided for Double Protection from Overheating.