PolyImide film heaters are produced by chemical etching process and can be made in a wide range of sizes, shapes and wattages. Their thin, lightweight (0.04 g/cm2) design allows close thermal contact for maximum heating efficiency and also permits close adaptation to the outline of the part with temperatures up to 130°C. PI film is a high-temperature electrothermal film, which can withstand temperatures up to 250℃ for a long time.

Material PolyImide film+Etched metal foil
Product code QP55Y24
Voltage As per customer specs
Wattage As per customer specs (Max 1.5w/cm2)
Operating Temp. -200~250°C
Thickness of film 0.2-0.3mm
Shapes Rectangular, Circular and customised
Dimensions As per customer specs (Max 250x300mm)
Length of lead As per customer specs ( Wires, Crimp Terminal)
Metal conductive circuit design Customisable


Batteries: Warming of lithium ion battery. In Electric vehicles (EV), film heater regulates the temperature of the battery pack, particularly in cold climates where low temperatures can affect battery performance and range.

Medical devices


Industrial Equipment