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Chhaperia Electro is a well-established Heating Element Manufacturer in India, recognized for its extensive product offerings including Electric Tiffin Heaters and varietes of mica heaters. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified because they focus on quality.

Versatility of Heating elements in Various Applications

In the realm of heating elements solutions, Chhaperia has established itself as a frontrunner, specializing in an array of advanced products designed to cater to various industrial and domestic heating needs. Among its extensive range, mica heating components take center stage, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering efficient and reliable heating solutions. The Mica heating elements, a hallmark of Chhaperia's offerings, has gained significant traction in the industry. These elements are widely utilized due to their exceptional thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. As a result, they find application in an array of products, from radiant heaters to electric tiffin heaters, and coffee roaster heaters.

Revolutionizing Heating Elements with Integrated Safety Features

Mica's versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for these diverse applications. One of the standout products from Chhaperia is their Infrared (IR) quartz heaters. These heaters have gained prominence due to their ability to emit infrared radiation, which efficiently heats objects without necessarily heating the surrounding air. The targeted and efficient heating provided by IR quartz heaters is a testament to Chhaperia's commitment to innovation. Ensuring safety alongside functionality, Chhaperia integrates thermostats into many of its heating solutions. These devices play a pivotal role in preventing overheating by regulating the temperature within permissible limits. By incorporating thermostats, we underline our dedication to creating not only practical but also secure heating solutions.

Our journey in the heating industry is marked by continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach. Their expertise extends beyond traditional heating elements, focusing on understanding and meeting specific customer requirements. This commitment has led to the development of custom solutions that address unique challenges, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Custom Heating Solutions with Diverse Product Range

Chhaperia's specialization in mica heating products, coupled with our diverse range of products like heaters, polyester heaters, toaster heaters, coffee roaster heaters, and IR quartz heaters, underscores our skill in the field of heating solutions. The incorporation of safety features such as thermostats reflects our dedication to both performance and user well-being. With an eye on innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Chhaperia continues to shape the landscape of heating technology with its heating elements.

Technical specification

Description- Resistance Wire is wound in front of Mica Insulating Support having Thin Mica 0.20 mm as a Cover for Front Protection. Chrome coated Steel made Stiffener and Reflector is provided for Mica Stability and Heat Reflection.
Power : 115V ~ 440W
Application : Used in industrial and commercial applications
Regulation : ROHS2 and REACH compliant

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